A New Beginning

Hello again!

Some time ago, I said that there wouldn't be any blog posts for a while because I was revising for exams...

After half a year, I'm back! 😃

You've probably noticed a new look for this website. More detail on this and the previous ideas I had for this site to follow, but for now, my future plans.

I have about half a dozen ideas for posts that I can write. To name a few:

  • Controlling your computer with Alexa
  • A NodeJS version of the CoolerMaster SDK

...and of course, the new website.

As this site is much more of a blog now, all of my projects, past and future, will now have their own posts detailing their usage and any other relevant details.

Hopefully, these posts will be informative and interesting for you. As always, thank you for reading this.