Bulk code highlighter with HTML/PDF export

I recently needed to print out all the code associated with a project. Whilst I could've copied everything from my IDE to a word processor, I thought it might be nice to have a tool that could do this for me, highlighting the code along the way.

Hilited Page


Install it globally using npm or Yarn.

npm i -g @mrbbot/hilite

yarn global add @mrbbot/hilite


To highlight all files in the src directory, and output index.html and index.pdf in the current directory run the following command:

hilite src

You can specify as many locations to highlight so if you also wanted to highlight files in the dist directory:

hilite src dist

You can also specify globs to match:

hilite src/**/*.js

Hilite will also include png, jpeg, gif and svg images in the output if they're matched.

If you want to change the output file names, you can use the --output (-o) flag. For example, the following command will output to code.html and code.pdf instead of the normal index:

hilite src -o code

Additionally, if you're just looking for HTML output, you can disable the PDF export with the --pdf (-p) flag:

hilite src -p false

This will only generate an index.html file.


Prism Theme

Hilite uses Prism for code highlighting, so if you don't like the default theme, you can easily change it using the --theme (-t) flag to either one of the presets, or your own custom one.

If you wanted to change the output to use the funky theme:

hilite src -t funky

Other available presets are:

  • default (this is the actual default prism theme, Hilite uses its own simplified version normally)
  • dark
  • okaidia
  • twilight
  • coy
  • solarized-light
  • tomorrow-night

If you had a custom theme stored in theme.css, you could use it with the following command:

hilite src -t theme.css


Finally, you can also change the amount of margin in the PDF export using the --margin (-m) flag.

hilite src -m 1in

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